Literacy Trust joins schools in making systemic change.


1. Giving educators opportunities to lead.


Each of our Reading Rescue partner schools selects a Program Coordinator who oversees the onsite literacy intervention. For many individuals selected to be Program Coordinators, this role is the first time they have been given the opportunity to be a leader within their school contexts.

Program Coordinators are the key to galvanizing a strong intervention team. These key leaders make consistent programming possible.


2. Promoting an all-hands on deck approach.


“I've probably said this before...but, even after almost 20 years in the DOE, Reading Rescue is the best thing that's ever happened for me, professionally!”

— Nicole Netzel

In a typical school building, only certified teachers would work with struggling students. Our school partnerships are unique. At Literacy Trust, we believe that any adult--with the appropriate development--can successfully teach a child how to read and write. Literacy Trust works with school administrators to strategically select staff members who are able to contribute to academic instruction in unconventional ways.

Out of about 554 Reading Rescue instructors who are actively serving New York City children through school partnerships, nearly half are paraprofessionals and school aides. Our staff works with these individuals to ensure they know how to implement research-based strategies to accelerate student reading growth.

Our average school partnering has 10 skilled instructors enrolled in our professional development and, in turn, working with students one-on-one using Reading Rescue. Of those 10 individuals who make up the average Reading Rescue team, typically some are paraprofessionals or school aides and some are certified teachers.


3. Investing in the next generation.


Literacy Trust serves over 1,000 students in NYC.

All students who receive consistent Reading Rescue literacy intervention make reading growth.

"I enjoy seeing how excited a child gets when they move up a level. Your program has made a great difference in the lives of our students."

— Kristina Scheffler, Instructor at PS 78 R

Click to view an interactive map of all NYC Reading Rescue partnerships.

Click to view an interactive map of all NYC Reading Rescue partnerships.


"Students who receive Reading Rescue have shown gains in their reading and for the general education students these gains are maintained in the following grade. Teachers who participate in the program also gain important transferable skills that they use with their small group in reading."

— Silvana Ng, Principal at PS 2 M

"Reading Rescue is a wonderful program and resource to help strengthen readers fluency and comprehension. It also increases students' interest in reading because it also improves their self confidence as readers."

- Karen German, Instructor at PS 42 X