Trust literacy to change the world. 


Leveraging greatness in New York City public schools.


Professional Development

We offer professional development to elementary school staff members, including certified teachers, paraprofessionals, school aides, and family coordinators.

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Literacy Intervention

We offer support in implementing Reading Rescue--a research-based daily one-on-one literacy intervention designed for struggling first graders.

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We partner with City Service Corps, an AmeriCorps program, to bring Read More Corps members who serve at select public schools in order to boost literacy growth.

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We partner with hundreds of paraprofessionals and school aides in New York City to ensure that administrators are leveraging their staff's full capacity.

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Working together.



Promoting excellence.

We believe access to quality education is the cornerstone of a healthy democracy.

All New York City schools--students, families, administrators, faculty, and staff--deserve the best regardless of their zip code.

We offer excellence to hundreds of schools across the city.

Check out our map of schools and read about our success.