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Sophie Schechter

Associate Director of Program

As Associated Director of Program at Literacy Trust, Sophie supports approximately 20 schools with our signature program, Reading Rescue. Additionally, Sophie - along with Dr. Miles - is spearheading a Reading Rescue Small Group research pilot and study. Sophie is incredibly excited for this process, which will allow educators to impact even more students. Formerly a Special Education teacher, Sophie knows how important the role of literacy is in a child’s early development. Therefore, Sophie is proud to work with an intervention program that gives literacy access to all students, regardless of ability.

Previously, Sophie taught 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades as the Special Education half of an ICT (Integrated Co. Teaching) classroom.  Sophie began teaching during undergrad in Gambier, Ohio, where she studied English at Kenyon College. After College, Sophie attained her Masters in Early Education and Special Education at Touro College. Since then, Sophie has taught in Harlem and Brooklyn.

When not at Literacy Trust, Sophie enjoys long walks in the park, relaxing on the beach, and playing with her new kitten.