The last two years have been extremely rewarding for me – both personally and professionally. Working with kids taught me to slow down, enjoy the moments, and be patient and optimistic. Being a Read More Corps member focused and solidified my career goals and helped me get where I am today - an Operations Coordinator with Literacy Trust.
— Jessica Rich, '16 & '17 Read More Corps alum

Read More Corps

Literacy Trust hosts a dozen Read More Corps members each year through the City Service Corps, an AmeriCorps program. Read More Corps members are placed in pairs at high-needs schools in the Young Men's Initiative priority neighborhoods. Each member serves their school community by working with at least seven students a day using Reading Rescue's research-based literacy intervention.

Literacy Trust staff works with Read More Corps members to ensure they gain literacy knowledge that makes them effective with students and professional skills that will support them throughout their careers.

Past Read More Corps Photo.jpg

2016-2017 Read More Corps Members

Matthew Berger, PS 194 M

Jessica Rich, PS 194 M

Nicolette Facey, PS 328 K

Noel Johnson, PS 277 X

Starr Trafton, PS 277 X

Christopher Lind, PS 85 X

Paul White, PS 298 K

2015-2016 Read More Corps Members

Paul White, PS 298 K

Sergine Beaubrun, PS 298 K

Ricky Casiano, PS 328 K

Jamie St. Louis, PS 328 K

Danielle Nogoy, PS 194 M

Jessica Rich, PS 194 M

Leighann Scara, PS 123 M

Chris Anderson, PS 123 M

Delroy Dowden, PS 463 X

Irina Sverzhanovskaya, PS 463 X

Ricardo Salomon Villalba, PS 85 X

Ellen Kjoller, PS 85 X

2017-2018 Read More Corps Members

Sharifah Amin, PS 298 K

Nicholas Egbert, PS 298 K

Latarsha Foxworth, PS 111 Q

Allaa Soltan, PS 111 Q

Jean-Francois Fraysse, PS 516 K

Anna Zhang, PS 516 K

Reese Marshall, PS 85 X

Nikki Branhut, PS 85 X

Allison Osborne, PS 277 X

Kamara Harper, PS 277 X