Phoebe Gilpin

Associate Director of Professional Learning

Phoebe's role at Literacy Trust is to design, implement, and support staff in providing the highest-quality professional development to our hardworking instructors. As the Associate Director of Professional Learning, Phoebe has the pleasure of supporting adults at all levels and abilities to most effectively teach children how to read, and developing the tools, resources, and assessment structures to complete this important work.

Previously, Phoebe supported preservice, early career, and veteran educators working in public schools in Oakland, California and New York City. Phoebe's experience in designing impactful experiences for adults and younger learners first began by teaching Dalit ("Untouchable") journalists photography skills in Nepal to tell underrepresented stories of caste discrimination. As a Teacher Leader and Curriculum Writer, their curriculum and coaching have consistently focused on equity, inclusion, and research based pedagogy. Phoebe earned a BA in Film and Digital Media from University of California Santa Cruz, and a MA in Education from University of California Berkeley.

Outside of work, Phoebe enjoys spending time tinkering with art projects, reading and arguing about critical theory, and playing board games in the park.