Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.
— Frederick Douglass

Katie Shuman

Program Manager

Education Background: B.S. degree in Childhood Education from SUNY Cortland; M.A. as a Reading Specialist (Applied Educational Psychology) from Teachers College-Columbia University.

Last two professional locations and titles: I have over ten years of experience in the education and non-profit sectors. Prior to working with Literacy Trust, I was an AIS Reading Teacher for six years at the Hellenic Classical Charter School, and an education staff member and on-ice coach with Figure Skating in Harlem.

Who inspired your love of literacy and why? My mom, Nancy, filled my childhood with rich literacy opportunities.  Every evening, we read together; sometimes side by side, other times to one another.  With her, a trip to the library was just as fun as a trip to the park.  She showed me the simple, yet immense joy of getting lost in a great book.

What was your favorite childhood book? As a voracious childhood reader, it's tough to pick!  I remember a particular affection for The Little House series by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  I always admired Laura's spunk and adventurous spirit.

What inspires you to support literacy? Every student I've had the privilege to teach. Helping children learn the code of language, despite sometimes incredible challenges - they showed me the real power of becoming literate.

What is your favorite literary hobby? Checking out local bookstores and libraries. I could get lost for hours perusing the shelves!

What makes Literacy Trust special to you?  To know that each day, we are helping to build on the strengths of school communities, with an equitable, culturally responsive approach to literacy instruction. Making a positive difference for children, for their teachers, and their families is truly priceless and powerful.