Katharine Pace Miles

Dr. Katharine Pace Miles completed her doctorate in Educational Psychology: Learning, Development, and Instruction with a sub-specialization in Research on the Acquisition of Literacy with Dr. Linnea Ehri. In her tenure-track faculty line at Brooklyn College she oversees the graduate and undergraduate development and teaching of literacy courses in the Early Childhood department. Dr. Miles has several publications on the development of literacy, and she regularly presents her studies at national and international conferences. Her research interest focuses on literacy assessment and instruction for young children that is both developmentally appropriate and grounded in the science of reading. Specifically, she is interested in understanding the use of the visual-phonological pathway in emergent readers and the disconnect between the demonstrated influence of children attending to a word's grapheme-phoneme relations and the prevailing approach to teaching sight words in classrooms, which de-emphasizes these relations.

In her role as Literacy Trust's Academic Advisor, Dr. Miles supports staff in developing materials, professional developments, and workshops that are in line with best practices from the field of Reading Science.